For Midlife Women, Heartbreak Can Be Literal—But Possibly Reversible

your heart. Literally! Broken-heart syndrome is for reals, and it occurs most frequently in women in their 50s and beyond.

Forget Those New Year’s Resolutions! Try These 5 Ideas Instead

Ditch the old-school resolutions! Instead, try five actions that are fun and likely to increase your happiness.

7 Very Important Shapewear Observations

Dames, we know we look great the way we are…but sometimes we want to look just a little bit, um, more streamlined. While we certainly have not worn every possible shapewear style and brand that the world has to offer, we have learned a few things. Observation #1: The typical shapewear model absolutely does not... Continue Reading →

The Next Opioid Overdose Victim Might be a Midlife Woman

It starts with back pain or fibromyalgia, or the painful after-effects of surgery. Your doctor prescribes a powerful painkiller. Next thing you know, you’re one of the growing numbers of midlife women—particularly white women— addicted to legal or black-market opioids.

6 Things to Know About “The Change” and Depression

In the US, who is most likely to have depression? Women between ages 40 and 59, that’s who. Midlife hormones may be a factor.

Jumping Jack Challenge & 10 Facts for National Osteoporosis Month

May is National Osteoporosis Month, which, as everybody knows, is the most fun month of the year because—osteoporosis! Doing jumping jacks is one of the simplest and easiest ways to stimulate bone formation.

Middlepause: Don’t Self-Arrest

As Marina Benjamin observes in an interesting interview in Slate today, many women experience at mid-life a "crashing sense of disappointment...that feeling of you're not where you thought you'd be." No amount of Botox and keratin can straighten that out. Benjamin's new book, Middlepause: Life After Youth, takes issue with the prevailing culture around middle... Continue Reading →

Hey, Leave Our Medicaid Alone!

If there’s anything we learned from the GOP-Trumpcare debacle, it’s that Medicaid expansion is saving lives and a lot of those lives belong to mid-life women.

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