The Golden Girls Got Game—the Game of Clue®

The Golden Girls is having a moment. Earlier this year, a Golden Girls-themed restaurant opened in New York City. In March, every episode became available on And now this: a Golden Girls Clue® game that is “coming out soon,” according to board game maker USAopoly®.

Of course, the show’s original moment lasted for seven seasons and 180 episodes of its original run on NBC. The first episode aired on September 14, 1985.

You won’t be surprised by this at all, but head writer Susan Harris has said that she thought “older women” meant age 60 and upwards when she began working on the show. No. The network executives said “older” meant women who were—wait for it—in their 40s and 50s. Harris was 40-something at the time, so this was news to her. In the end, the characters’ ages were never expressly mentioned, but implied to be around the late 50s to 60ish.



We here at Miz Maude have a special interest in The Golden Girls because Bea Arthur (the ever-sarcastic Dorothy) was also the star of her own show, Maude. She played the titular character with all the sharp energy we had come to expect from Arthur, in a show that explored all the hot-button issues of the ‘70s across six seasons.

Back to the game. True to a recurring scene in The Golden Girls, Clue asks players to solve a very important crime: Who ate the last piece of cheesecake???? In which room? And what did they leave at the scene of the crime?

The game is available in the United States and Canada for $39.99, and includes everything you would expect—the four main characters and two mystery men, and cute little game tokens. The board itself is delightful, and you can imagine yourself in the living room, cracking jokes with Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia before taking that last delectable piece of cheesecake all for yourself.Clueimage3If you need more than a game for your Golden Girls fix, we suggest you visit Rue La Rue, a new New York City restaurant organized entirely around the show. The theme is not random at all. The place is co-owned by Mark Bish, the son of Rue McLanahan (Blanche) and Michael J. LaRue, the executor of her estate. The décor includes memorabilia from McLanahan’s personal collection. The food? It’s straight out of the show, too, and includes Rusty Anchor clam chowder, a Stan the Putz turkey club sandwich and, yes, cheesecake.

Still not satisfied? Check out The Golden Girls jigsaw puzzle, also “coming soon” from USAopoly. It has 1,000 pieces and will cost $19.95, so have at it.

And, finally, here’s a fun story about Bea Arthur telephoning a woman who was talking smack about the show.

Now, did somebody say something about cheesecake???


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