Senate Dude Bros Invite One Woman to One Healthcare Meeting

Wow, Senate GOP lawmakers are sooooooo cool! On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, decided that it would be okay to have one woman attend one meeting of the Senate working group on healthcare.

The decision followed significant criticism questioning the lack of women in the all-Republican-white-men working group. Nary a one of the five Republican women senators are included, possibly because everybody knows that men and women’s health issues are EXACTLY the same, aren’t they?

Interest in women’s health is not why Sen. McConnell invited Sen. Shelley Moore Capito Capito, R-W. Virginia, to the healthcare working group’s Tuesday session. No, the purpose of that meeting was to discuss Medicaid. Thirty percent of West Virginia’s residents are enrolled in Medicaid, and the state is among the 32 that opted into Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, so Sen. Capito has voters to think about.


In all fairness, Sen. McConnell says that all Republican senators are or will be involved in discussing the Senate’s version of an Obamacare repeal and “replace” program. And, allegedly, other women were invited to the Tuesday meeting and will be included in future meetings.

While the Senate version is expected to be considerably different from the House version, it will probably be almost as bad for midlife women. The Senate leadership’s goal, according to CNN, is to pass its bill through the reconciliation process, which could succeed without any Democrat support. Sad!

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