Stuff is Happening: Can we get a Ph.D. in Dolly Parton-ology?

Dames, the people keep doing things. Here’s a round-up of recent headlines:

  • Let’s all sign up for the “Dolly’s America” class. If you love hillbilly history, we suggest you move to Knoxville immediately and take this history honors class at the University of Tennessee. The premise is to locate the facts behind the “Beverly Hillbillies” stereotypes. In professor-speak: “Reading about how hillbillies and feuds began as made-up characters and tropes in novels and cartoons to the rise of hillbilly music to Christian entertainment and the thread of tourism, students see the processes by which fiction often becomes fact, and how heritage is a blend of the real and the imagined.” We’re exhausted by that sentence. But what better starting point that Dolly Parton? She is her own carefully constructed caricature.

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