OMG! Cher, What Are You Doing???

Cher, you are standing next to Kim and Kourtney Kardashian! WTF, Cher? What’s that you say—you were at a premiere of The Promise, about the Armenian Genocide because you and the Kardashians share Armenian descent? Oh. Oh. We get it. Our apologies for being so judgy.

The Promise just premiered in Los Angeles, which is where the Cher-Kardashian kraziness occurred. The film stars Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon and Christian Bale in a love-triangle story set during the Armenian Genocide. Gosh, that sounds romantic.

You know what isn’t romantic? This: “Kim Kardashian and Cher looked like twins at movie premiere.” Did they, Page Six? Did they really? We beg to differ. Cher is very OBVIOUSLY the cooler of the two. No one can compete with Cher’s newsboy cap, super-cool motorcycle jacket, and whatever that thing is she is wearing underneath it. A chain-mail corset? A fishing net? Whatever it is, it rocks. Get with it, Page Six!

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, our Cherilyn Sarkisian’s father was an American Armenian. He wasn’t much of a dad, but he and Georgia Holt gave us Cher, so—strong work, dad.

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