Charo Voted Off DWTS, but Not Out of Our Hearts

“Charo’s such a scream!” “Charo the tornado!” “Cuchi cuchi!” Our hopes were high, but, alas, Charo, 66, did not win the mirrorball trophy on Dancing with the Stars. Tragically, she was eliminated in week 3 of the current season, possibly because of the inherent lamosity* of her “Chapel of Love” dance with Keo Motsepe.

As you’d expect from one of showbiz’s most colorful characters, Charo’s DWTS experience was not without drama. At one point, she threatened to quit out of sympathy for Chris Kattan and also because of unfair scoring. What was unfair about the scoring? Who knows! Who cares!

In case you’re interested—and we know you are—ABC posted a touching recap of Charo’s Dancing with the Stars ‘journey.’ As the video makes clear, Charo’s tongue was the real star of this season.

Oddly, CNN’s announcement of the season described her as “Legendary singer Charo.” Sure, she’s got pipes—but that is not our Charo’s true claim to fame. In case you haven’t heard, she is a world-class guitar player, according to Guitar Player Magazine, which twice voted her “Best Classical Flamenco Guitarist in the World.”

As GP notes, Charo has “single-handedly advanced flamenco music for the betterment of humanity.” However, her over-the-top stage persona has “tended to overshadow” her serious musicianship. Well, duh. But still, you can find a million Charo-on-guitar videos on YouTube and experience artistry yourself. It’s stunning.

True to her unstoppable spirit, Charo took her DWTS elimination in stride. “I feel like I’ve got a million dollars right now in my wallet,” Charo told E! News after she was eliminated. “I enjoy, very much, the show. I enjoyed learning the famous f—ktrot. I made a beautiful friend and I got connected with Keo. This is not a job, this is an incredible experience and I recommend this to everybody.”

Well, at least she still has that guitar thing to fall back on.

*Yeah, that’s a word. What’s your point?

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